Welcome to The London Ballroom Dance Club

The London Ballroom Dance Club Activities

Activities at The London Ballroom Dance Club are designed to offer a wide range of choices to its Members.

Dance Lessons

The Club provides three levels of classes to its Members. Each level of instruction has been carefully selected to address the needs of a particular group from beginners and occasional dancers with little or no prior experience, all the way up to the more seasoned and serious dancers.
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Members of the LBDC can practise their dancing skills weekly to strict tempo music in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. The Practice Sessions are not restricted to students enrolled in one of the three levels. In fact, all Club Members, whether they take lessons from the LBDC, from private studios or take no lessons at all are encouraged to take advantage of this activity.
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Monthly Dances

Each month, from September to May, the London Ballroom Dance Club organizes a dance for Members, guests and visitors to enjoy. Everyone is welcome. Come join us for an evening of great ballroom music selected from the Club's strict tempo music library and played by the LBDC's own music director. See photos.
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Over the course of the Club's dance season there are workshops offered. They can be on technique in a specific dance or or a new dance to add to your repertoire such as Viennese Waltz, Salsa, West Coast Swing to name a few. Most of the workshops this year will be held Monday evenings at Woodland Heights Public School. From time to time a workshop could be conducted prior to one of our monthly dances held at the Polish Hall.
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